Erling Haaland believes things will get better now that Man City won the Champions League.

The Norwegian striker claimed that the difference was due to the team’s experience.

After winning the treble and aiding Manchester City in their Champions League victory in Turkey on Saturday, Erling Haaland’s first season with the club couldn’t have gone much better. Although Haaland was unable to score, his movement undoubtedly had an impact as City overcame Inter 1-0. It’s simple to think of Haaland as a goal-scoring machine with 52 goals and nine assists in all competitions, including 12 and one in the Champions League. Although that may be the case, the Norwegian striker still felt pressure in the job, especially since his goal drought had grown to five games after this one.

Haaland was signed from Borussia Dortmund to a City club that had already achieved all of its domestic goals, and his sole real ambition was to win the Champions League with this group. And on Saturday, he succeeded in doing so. He acknowledged that a huge burden was lifted off of him when the final buzzer sounded, saying it felt like 100 pounds were being removed from him.

Haaland spoke pitchside with the Sports studio analysts after the game about taking the club that means a great deal to him and his family to new heights. Alfie Haaland, his father, played for City back when the team was a long cry from the juggernaut it is today. City was bouncing about the second division at the time.

When asked if he felt under pressure going into the game, Haaland responded, “Yeah, I did, and also in the Premier League because they won it twice. “So, it wouldn’t be a catastrophe, but it wouldn’t be good for me to come in and not win the Premier League, you know? Since it has been so difficult for me mentally over the past several weeks, knowing that I can do it and that I can do it right now is honestly such a relief.

It’s simple to assume that Haaland would always score goals and never experience stress or anxiety after seeing all of his accomplishments. He produces a lot, and it comes to him so easily. The same can be said for this team, but the pressure increased during a performance that was out of character for them; they were not their usual clinical selves. Finally, they delivered this time.

“The majority of the team has grown significantly since the final two years ago, and they are a much more seasoned bunch that have endured a lot. Take a look at the final Premier League game from last year, Haaland said. You understand, this is about correct experience. We are aware of this and have been since February. We were aware that Arsenal was leading the Premier League and that Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, both of which have won the Champions League frequently, would be our opponents in the competition.

We understood that in order to win the game, even if we didn’t play the most beautiful football, we would need to be mentally tough. It’s the most crucial factor in this game.

After the game, Haaland put the team’s objective above all else and said he wasn’t worried about his goal drought since he knew he could be even better.

Remember, I’m 22,” Haaland said. “Remember when you were all 22.”

“Don’t forget I am 22, think back when all of you were 22…”

Erling Haaland tells us there’s still room for improvement.🤖

And @MicahRichards finally gets his hands on a #UCL medal! 🥇

The fact that Haaland and this Manchester City team comprehended the mission given to them will make it simpler for the team to complete it again in upcoming seasons. The strain is reduced. Although this was the team’s first Champions League final triumph, it most definitely won’t be their last as they are one of the top favorites to win the competition the following year. We’re talking Manchester City dynasty time; they keep reinventing themselves.

Imagine what they can do when they are at their best if they can win it when they aren’t at their best.