Christian Pulisic is developing into the key figure for the USA both on and off the field in the USMNT.

On Friday against Grenada, Pulisic contributed to the team’s first goal and talked about putting the USMTN controversy behind them.

The United States may have struggled in the Concacaf Nations League match against Grenada by reflecting on the players who weren’t able to travel, or they could have seized control by scoring frequently and early. Christian Pulisic gained possession of the ball on the left flank in the fifth minute, cut back onto his right foot, and swung a cross into the path of Ricardo Pepi, who was waiting and able to score from close range. It was the first of seven goals, and the performance, led by Pulisic, made clear the team’s strategy. Although the squad has a “captain by committee” system and Tyler Adams served as the captain at the World Cup, it’s obvious that Pulisic is the attack’s focal point and that he enjoys that role.

The team is so young that Pulisic, who is only 24 years old, has already established himself as one of the veterans that the group looks up to as he commemorated his 57th appearance with a goal and two assists. He ensured that the match outcome was never in doubt by driving towards Grenada’s defense, and neither were his teammates surprised by it.


Less than four minutes into the game, Ricardo Pepi gives the #USMNT the lead. @NBCUniverso & @peacock for Spanish Coverage

— on March 25, 2023, from NBC Sports Soccer (@NBCSportsSoccer).

“To be totally honest, it’s what I anticipate from him. And for him to be capable of doing it repeatedly and to be in that zone, “During the game, Weston McKennie, a midfielder, commented on Pulisic’s performance. “Since he is one of the players that can invent and make things happen, it always benefits the team the most. It is therefore great to watch him enjoying himself and playing his game with such assurance. So perhaps there will be more of that in the future.” With his own brace, McKennnie was a major beneficiary of that performance.

It would be difficult to maintain McKennie’s level of faith in Pulisic if one were to compare his club play to his international form, but when he reports for duty, something changes. Due to injuries, Pulisic is fighting for playing time at Chelsea, where the team is acquiring any and all available wingers. This season, Pulisic has played in just 800 minutes between the Premier League and the Champions League, but when he joins the United States, Pulisic’s role as a scorer and creator will be obvious.

He performed admirably at the World Cup and is continuing his strong play in Nations League games. Pulisic has already expressed his satisfaction with the atmosphere surrounding the USMNT, and he is even using his position as a leader to address problems affecting the team.

About the conflict between Gregg Berhalter, teammate Gio Reyn, and his parents, Pulisic stated, “I am not here to appoint the next manager.” “Whoever it is, I’m going to play and give it my all even though it’s not my job. First of all, everything that transpired with Gregg has been handled in a very immature way.

“I believe we now know what has been happening. Anyone complaining about playing time when playing youth soccer, in my opinion, is foolish. I don’t want to delve too much into that, but I believe Gregg has been really unlucky to find himself in this situation right now.

At just 24 years old, grizzled veteran Pulisic is entering what should be the prime of his career, which can only be positive for the USMNT. No matter how much playing time he receives with his club, he is always prepared to go while sporting the American flag, and that quality will only help in determining where he will be going next. Teams will acknowledge both his USMNT performances and the professionalism he shown while handling a difficult situation at Chelsea.

The ability to go over difficulties while putting on standout performances demonstrates another development of Pulisic’s talent and his personal development. El Salvador is the next opponent, so the work is far from over, but Pulisic gives the USMNT hope for the future.